Amnesia; The Dark Descent or Basic sunday walk


This game is good if you wanna be scared middle of the night , when it’s storming. Sensei is never scared, but you will be. This game has potential and it’s using it all, by being one of the best horror games out there. When you play this, you will understand what’s the difference between  a horror game and horror game.


This game keeps players on their heels all the time. You can’t lose your concentration for a second or you will be dog meat. The best part is that you have to out smart monsters who are chasing you. If you can’t then you will die in terrible ways. Those who don’t have steel nerves like me, may or may not lose their sanity time to time. This game doesn’t give you too much of items which could help you to survive through this game. Brain puzzles are well made and thought through. Puzzles aren’t easy, take my word. You will have to think and read the journal to solve them.


The game is different if you play it by day or night. By day it’s not so scary and you can play longer and you won’t feel like any minute now some monster will come from your closet or under your bed. When you play it night, you will start to feel like someone is watching you or something is lurking in the shadows. This game will have solid grip on player’s mind while they are playing Amnesia.

Monsters in this game are well made, they look just right. I bet, no one you would like this face popping front of you


Thanks to mod-makers this game has tons of replay value. There are countless number of mods that are so good that you could spend weeks and weeks by playing them. Big thank goes to Valve and their Workshop community. Mod installing is so easy that even toddler could do it, if his parent’s would let him play this game. I personally recommend that only persons age of 18 or older, plays this game. This could  scare living daylight out of some kid. I wouldn’t also recommend this game for person who get nightmares easily, because this will give you your worst nightmares. Rest of you, go and play this game. I bet most of you will like it.  Everything is top of with atmospheric music like this one

God Speed for those  of you who will play it.

Score of 9/10

Remember to bow to your Sensei


2 thoughts on “Amnesia; The Dark Descent or Basic sunday walk”

    1. It would be great halloween game, if people would play that game in middle of the night without any lights on. True halloween experience, I have to say.

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