Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance streams


You can go and see the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance streams from last weekend. I uploaded all three streams there and now they are available. I made them 15 min long each so you can jump forward easier if you want to. Have to say that by making them 15 min long each has its good and bad sides. It would be nicer to have only 3 videos, but they would be almost too long to watch (some are over 5 hours each). Other hand by making them 15 min long I have now almost over 100 videos already.

I am planing to stream this friday the last part of the game. THE END BOSS!! There is a preview of the boss fight in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance HELP! part 3.

I will be announcing the more accurate time later for the part 4 stream of the game. I think it will be around 19 CET or 20 CET.

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Gamer’s Sensei is ON AIR!


I (Gamer’s Sensei!) have decided to start streaming in You can find my chanel from there, by my name. I try to stream time to time. Some games that I will review, excsample like new Sid Meir’s,I have thought to stream as well. Mainly at the begining I will stream TF2*/Dota 2/CS:GO and other games. You can recomend/wish games that you would like me to stream (If I have those titles in my game library).

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Wolfenstein: The New Order in the courthouse


Once there was  Mr William Blazkowicz how thought he was fighting in 1941 against Nazi-Germany. But things happened and he wakes up next time some where in the 1960’s. This is the time set where all the story takes place. Of course if you have played the previous Wolfestain you would be more in the story line.



Story is well written as is not in the main part of this game. Ok, I admit the story line is written better even as in some other AAA-group games. As this is a FPS you can expect that this game is pure shooting and war. Still the story line keeps things interesting and it’s nice to have real story where you can know what’s happening and why we are here.

Combat in this game is hard and you can’t always expect what the enemy does. When the AI is so smart that it can give you a little bit of resistant, it’s good. More games with this type of AI and we boys and girls have a much better gaming experiences in our hands. The fact that you can use lots of guns from the beginning, separates this game from typical FPS game, where you have to find always the next gun. That type of “item discovering” is getting old.




Combat with dual assault rifle is pretty neat. You could almost say “Meat is back in the menu, boys”. The dual use of guns is made well. As you can use in one hand a basic and in other a grenade launcher equipped version. There is also a plasma cutter, but that is not a technically a weapon.



Game looks so pretty, but of course as this was played with “PC-master race”. Also this game is over 40 GB, which could also explain it. Wolfenstein new order was one of my top games this year. As it was funny and it gave me as a hard core gamer, so much legendary memories from the past, when I played the first one 2D Wolfenstain. I was expecting still a Hitler robot as a end boss. You how have played the original will know that I mean.


Sorry, That I am late from the meeting




Mr. Deathshead

Score of 9.2/10

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Sniper Elite V2


So as the name tells you the game is all about sniping. You play as solo gun man, who is trying to prevent russians and nazis to lauch V2 rockets against London. You must succeed or London will be doomed. While doing this, try to not lose your temper as the AI will give you few gray hairs. Some times enemy will spawn behind you.

ss_abe9013eb7e21fcf5e856ce337003e086e6174a5.1920x1080 ss_bf7b57b6f2ea8036402a8ffaceb58f80a761f35f.1920x1080 ss_c38dc6b71ed5fd826d9e6e6c7f32f9b80db8b384.1920x1080 ss_f9a40143f91a0c2fb0e1611acebf66162c43c88b.1920x1080 ss_f52e0220442b613fe9c2d8a5e8866966307de5bf.1920x1080

Game looks pretty good, not like Metro Last or other high-end games, but still that it won’t bother you. While levels aren’t so much different from others, the details are still well made. City’s look like they have been bombed as you can see brigs laying on ground and houses on fire. All the enemy look alike, as they have two or three different models. Music is time to time good and sets the mood well, but mostly you don’t even realise the music is playing as the music will start to repeat literally itself.

ss_73e0ca015f492422a306c0635fe97f3dbb058a88.1920x1080 ss_73d671377f8331851fb3adbaf324aa1198cc5bdf.1920x1080

Weapons are different form one another. You can choose from three different sniper rifle, pistol and grenade. Rifles are different and they all have their good and bad sides. If I can and I will, recommend that you use the german sniper rifle as it is most suitable to this game. You will get good scope and clip size, but it isn’t so powerful as others. That doesn’t matter as you will start to shoot headshots mostly when you will learn the way that you have aim.

Happy hunting…

s1s_892954e457e0a799720fc03747b71c1971da3665.1920x1080 s1s_394ce5a7717fbf526ac11d275e3eec24f3a81f95.1920x1080

Score of 8.02/10

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Sanctum 2 review


As they released the the Sanctum 2 I wasn’t so excited as I should have been. The basic game is still the same, build towers and kill enemys before they get to your core. From there the similarity end as you can’t any more upgrade your hand weapons. There are more towers and hand weapons what you can use.


In Sanctum 2 you got more variation in enemys that you face. This make the game more harder as you got very fast and weak enemys that come in packs. Other hand you got very slow, but hard to kill enemys. Some of those also can destroy your towers. This makes the game different from Sanctum.


Hand weapons are more useful  than in original game. You can make a lot of damage to enemys that move in packs. Also you get new weapons when you level up, which makes you to want to return to old levels and see how you can win them now.  You also get mines, but those aren’t the solution which you should relay on, in my mind.

ss_18b928231ce4b8b50c8e6f1bd11e9ef7cbd88164.1920x1080 ss_41673936cf0df5cdf2b4c0549e118829730d8e88.1920x1080

Towers are basically the same than in Sanctum, but you got some new designed towers that make the game bit different. Example the mortal towers are very slow, but they can kill enemys with one shot. Also you don’t have anymore the teleport tower, which is shame as I liked it a lot in Sanctum.

Score of 8.25/10, would have been 8.5 if some of those DLC maps would have been in the game.

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State of Decay review


I was expecting Walking Dead meets Skyrim type open world game. I was positively surprised what kind of open world this game was. It gives freedom to player to advance the as fast he wants and all most the whole world is open from the start.


Game starts when you are with your friend and you to desire to run away from the living dead. Game steer player loosely to the right path, but gives you chance to explore the world almost freely. Still if you want to look around and find all items you can do it, but game will remind you to go forward. Luckily you are able to return to the old areas without any trouble.state2

Cars are really important in this game. Without them you wouldn’t survive long. Of course you can run, but in the long run you will use car more for the killing of zombies than to transport.


You can have lots of weapons in this game. You can collect weapons while you scavenge resources. That’s why its important to have good weapons only in you inventory. I found out that firearms are helpful if you stick to long-range combat, but not in the close combat fights. I prefer bat or shovel. As they are good in sticky situation.


There’s real meaning of your actions in this game too. If you die its permanent and you will lose that character. That’s why it isn’t game for those how don’t like to take a second and think what they are doing. If you just rush to the hordes, you will die. You must be smart and make them come to you so that you can kill them more easily. Zombies as  lone area easy targets for you, but in hordes they will rip you a part. That’s why  if you make one wrong move, and you will be gone for good.

Score of 8.65/10, It could have been 9, but I felt that there was more potential that they could have used.

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Far Cry 3 Review


You and your friends are in the paradise island when you all are kidnaped. You must get away from them and save your friends. This is how your game starts. What will you do…..

ImageStory in Far Cry 3 is interesting for the first gameplay trough. There is strong main story which takes you all around the islands. Mostly the  islands look the same. The thing that bothers me in the story is that it doesn’t take the potential that it has to make side-missions more important. There is almost no real side missions if you start to think more closely.


The game world is big, certainly, as big aas Skyrim. You can shoot up enemy outposts and take them over, If you take outpost from enemy, you will turn them into safe zones where you can load up on ammo and other supplies. Camps also serve as quick-travel points. There is good way as sniper to kill enemy inside the camp. By shooting from far away, enemy will start looking for you which makes you job easier. But you should be aware of an outpost’s alarm. If an enemy triggers it, reinforcements  will arrive in a matter of seconds.


Far Cry 3 has  a variety of guns  that you can shoot, and each one of them feels properly hefty and powerful. Vehicles are fun to drive and they feel realistic. Dying and spawning at a checkpoint to find all the enemies you killed still alive, yet all the ammo you used to shoot them depleted, is frustrating. That’s one of the games biggest flows. Other flow is that you don’t need other gun that assault rifle to complete the game. That’s a shame, you have tons of guns that you could use in  lots of missions, but all what you need is AK. Few missions where you must use sniper rifle and mines would make this game lot funnier.



There is few missions that are more entertaining than others. Example there is mission where you must use flamethrower ( or molotov) to complete the mission. Also I recommend that you would play those “challenges” that developer has put around the game world.


Are you ready to take the plunge?

Score of 8.8/10

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